Submit a Tip. Stay Anonymous. Get a Reward!

How do Tips Work?

When a crime or tip is reported by Crime Stoppers, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the tipster's information. Tipsters are furnished with a secret code number which is used in subsequent transactions.

Tipsters may remain anonymous. There is no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect a reward.

3 Ways to Submit a Tip...

Submit a Tip by Phone

  1. Dial 717-755-TIPS (8477)
  2. Provide the operator your tip (No names required)
  3. The operator will provide you with a Unique Tip ID
  4. Call back after 60 days for updates on your tip

Submit a Tip on the Web

Click Here to submit a WebTip securely on

The online form will help guide you in reporting the tip.  Fill out the form as completely as possible. To follow-up on your tip anonymously you can log in here, later using your secret code number and password (if you do not select a password, one will be assigned to you).

Submit a Tip by Text Message (SMS)

  1. Text “YORKTIPS" plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES)
  2. Upon receipt of a tipster’s first incoming message, the system will auto-reply with a confirmation containing the tipster's unique Tip Alias.
  3. To submit follow-up information, the tipster simply replies. Nothing else is needed.
  4. All follow-up tips and even your replies from the application are written under the original parent record and shown threaded and date/time stamped in the narrative. The thread may be terminated by the tipster texting STOP into the system at any time or by manually selecting the “Terminate Thread” button from within the application.

How Do I Collect My Reward?

Tipsters may follow-up after 60 days from when they submitted their tip using the same method the tip was submitted (calling 755-TIPS, replying to the text message thread, or using the online form with their password).  A Crime Stoppers coordinator will contact the appropriate investigator to see if the case was closed. If the tip lead to solving a crime or an arrest of a suspect, the coordinator will submit it to the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors for reward consideration. All reward amounts are determined by the civilian Board of Directors.

How Much Will My Reward Be?

Reward amounts are determined by the board of directors. The volunteer civilian board votes on each reward amount based on factors such as: seriousness of the crime, number of persons arrested, value of property recovered, and several other factors. The only exception to this rule is that the board authorized an automatic $50 reward for all wanted persons with a criminal warrant of a misdemeanor or higher degree.

What Can Police Do with An Anonymous Tip?

By law, a tip from an anonymous source does not in itself establish probable cause for a search warrant or arrest. So, for example, if a crime stoppers tipster provides information on drug activity at a residence. Police cannot take that tip and get a search warrant for that residence. That tip would only be a piece of the puzzle. Police must then develop their own evidence, (through interviews, surveillance, and other investigative techniques) to establish probable cause. Then they can get a search warrant or make an arrest. The crime stoppers tip is the key to providing police with information that they otherwise would not have. Then, police can develop their own evidence and witnesses to solve the case. None of this happens without the information provided by the tipster. Call now!